About Us

BayView Financial Planning’s mission is to empower women to invest in their own future financial security through the tides of life.

How It Started

About Us

BayView Financial Planning was founded by Stacy Miller, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, speaker, and writer. Stacy has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many other media outlets.

Stacy is a military spouse to a retired U.S. Army officer. Married for over 30-years to her husband, Jody, who served 28-years in the military, Stacy has experienced many positive and negative transitions. She has seen firsthand how those transitions can impact women. Together, her military family moved 14 times during their service, and as a result, Stacy was often unemployed or underemployed. She therefore recognizes how important it is for women, especially, to feel confident in their own future financial security. 

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Stacy is an avid learner, volunteer, and leader. She is a problem solver that has a way of communicating that is easy to understand and empathetic. There’s a no-judgement zone at BayView Financial Planning because every client has a right to their feelings. Her attention to detail saves a lot of anxiety as she finds solutions before they even become a problem!

Stacy has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Boston University and graduated at the top of her class with a Master’s in Business (MBA/Finance) from Auburn University. She is a graduate of the 50th Leadership Tampa class (2021). She serves on local and national non-profit Boards as a Director, volunteers locally and nationally as a leader, empowering women in the workplace, donates her time as a pro bono financial planner for several different organizations, and is a mentor for women and young professionals in her community.

Stacy began public speaking and writing in order to share her expertise and educate women, young adults and military families in personal finance. She is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge and helping everyone make good financial decisions.

Stacy is mom to two Gen Z sons who followed her advice and graduated college debt-free.

Originally from Massachusetts, Stacy has visited all 50 states and has lived in many of them. She currently lives, hikes, and paddle boards in Tampa Bay.

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